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Are you planning to buy a home or making any other type of real estate transaction? If yes, a professional property appraisal is a must to do entity to know the fair and actual value of a property.

At Advanced Appraisals, our licensed and certified appraisers will provide you an accurate property evaluation with a detailed report. With years of experience in the real estate industry, we have a proven track record of minimizing lenders time, efforts and costs in the appraisal process.

“At Advanced Appraisals, we have earned a reputation for providing accurate & precise property appraisals.”

Services We Offer

Residential Mortgage Appraisal

  • First Mortgage Financing
  • Second Mortgage Financing
  • Third Mortgage Financing
  • Private Mortgage / Funds

Litigation Appraisal

  • Separation of Assets
  • Divorce Settlements

Net-Worth Evaluation Appraisal

Capital Gain Evaluation Appraisal

  • Appraisals for the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

Estate Settlement Appraisal

Pre-Purchase and Pre-Sale Appraisal

Tax Appeal Appraisal (MPAC Assessment Review)

  • Municipal Assessment Reviews

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Types Of Report

Full Residential Appraisal Report

Restricted/Drive by Appraisal Report

Desktop Reviews

Market Rent Estimates

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